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Express Yourself with Novelty Wedding Cakes

Novelty wedding cakes express the unique personalities and preferences of the bride and groom. One of the most memorable moments during the wedding reception is cutting the wedding cake. Novelty wedding cakes look great in all your photos and are a delicious way to celebrate your love with your guests.

Novelty wedding cakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your budget, wedding theme and the number of guests you are feeding. You can choose a tiered wedding cake or dozens of cupcakes arranged in tiers to resemble a wedding cake. A sheet wedding cake is perfect for smaller weddings. Choose from tasty fillings such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or custard with butter cream or whipped cream icing. Include several different flavors in your wedding cake to please every palate.

Besides the size and shape, novelty wedding cakes features a variety of color. By using a rainbow of icing colors, cake designers can match any wedding theme. Aqua and pink are lovely for a summer wedding while brown and orange look eye-catching on autumn wedding cakes. Adding specialty cake toppers is the perfect way to customize your own novelty wedding cakes.

A popular choice for cake toppers is the traditional bride and groom. Usually couples select a wedding couple that resembles them to place atop their novelty wedding cakes. Mix and match bride and groom cake toppers ensure you find ones that look like both of you. Is the groom a sport enthusiast? Choose a groom playing hockey or soccer. If the bride endlessly shops as a hobby, you can display a sign next to the groom that reads “still shopping” instead of an actual bride to make all your guests laugh.

Ethnic couples can also find bride and groom cake toppers to match their appearances. A traditional Indian bride and groom or a traditional Jewish bride and groom cake topper celebrates the couples’ love and ethnicity with pride. Mixed couples can choose a bride and groom based on their ethnicity to display on top of their novelty wedding cakes.

Western wedding are a popular choice because they’re fun for guests of all ages. Young and old will enjoy a hoe down complete with cowboy hats and square dancing. Show off your western theme on your novelty wedding cakes by including a western embrace bride and groom cake toppers. A whimsical choice is a western lasso cake topper that shows the bride or groom lassoing their partner in for the wedding.

A honeymoon bound couple in car cake toppers reminds your guests you won’t be hanging around after the reception because you can’t wait to go on your honeymoon. Regardless of the destination, many couples look forward to the peaceful moment they can leave the wedding behind and escape on their romantic honeymoon.

If you decide to have a Cinderella princess wedding, your novelty wedding cake options are elaborate. Fancy embellishments and colorful icing in feminine colors will make your wedding cake stand out at the reception. Place a lovely fairy tale dreams castle in top of the wedding cake to represent the home you will share with your Prince Charming after the reception. After the party ends, you can bring your fairy tale dreams castle cake topper to your new marital home as a lasting keepsake of your special day.

Oriental weddings are an exotic way to express your eternal love. Novelty wedding cakes for Oriental wedding include themed cake toppers. A traditional script brushed silver Asian double happiness cake topper is an elegant way to express your Oriental theme on your wedding cake. A cute Asian couple in traditional wedding attire is perfect for Oriental couples tying the knot.

Although marriage is a serious commitment, you can express your sense of humor with novelty wedding cakes and cake toppers. A comical couple with the groom taking the plunge or the bride taking the upper hand will certainly amuse your wedding guests. A simply comical bride and groom figurine atop your wedding cake will make everyone attending smile.

Novelty wedding cakes are a fun-loving, tasty way to express your whimsical side on your wedding day. Include dynamic cake toppers to complete the look of your novelty wedding cake.

May 8, 2011



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