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Average Cost of Canadian Wedding

The average cost of a wedding in Canada is $20,000 to $30,000.  It can be higher if planned in a major city such as Toronto.

A mistake that brides often make is not planning ahead. Don’t do the calculations in your head…you WILL end up spending a lot more than you anticipated. Writing it all out on paper should be your first step. Make a list of everything you’d like your wedding to include down to the smallest details. Go online or to a bookstore and research small details that brides often forget to include in their budget. You may budget $1000 for your wedding dress but forget to budget for wedding shoes, tiara, veil, and any other accessories that may cost another $400 - $700.

Once you’ve done an in depth list of everything you would like to have at your wedding, make another list but this time make two columns. Make one column “Things that have to be” and the other column “Things I can compromise on”. This way you will be able to first take care of everything that is important and HAS to be and see how your budget stands and then you can make compromises on parts of the second column.

Call vendors and ask about prices. When planning your budget, you need to know price ranges in order to budget properly. You may budget only $500 for a photographer. Reality is that professional photographers range anywhere between $700 and $4000. So do your price research especially in your area.

Many books and websites offer great tips on saving money such as planning your wedding on a day other than Saturday. A Friday or Sunday wedding can save you lots of money on a hall and limousine.

Don’t be afraid to deal with vendors, they often higher their prices because they expect brides will want to lower them.

Spend only as much as you can afford. Starting your marriage with huge depts can cause a lot of stress in the future especially when it comes to purchasing a house or having children.

May 12, 2011



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